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1. Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Computed from Infrared Satellite Imagery during the TOGA COARE Intensive Observing Period (IOP) [COARE_asf_SST]
The TOGA COARE Data Information System distributes all TOGA COARE information. WWW: "" NOAA-11 and 12 AVHRR HRPT data are available ...

2. International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) DX and Flux Data, Spatially and Temporally Subsetted for TOGA COARE [COARE_lsa_isccp]
DATA ACCESS The TOGA COARE Data Information System ( ) has responsibility for distributing information about TOGA COARE datasets and access paths. The ISCCP DX ...

3. Profile and Total Ozone and Reflectivity Data from NIMBUS-7 SBUV ( HDSBUV, CPOZ, ZMT-S, PSC) [OZ_BN-2]
This SBUV ozone data set consists of the following products: HDSBUV -- High Density Tape from SBUV (Level II, NSSDC ID: 78-098A-09D) CPOZ -- Compressed Ozone Tape (Level II, ...

4. Surface Solar Energy (SSE) Monthly Data in ASCII [SSE_MONTHLY]
This is Version 1.0 of a satellite-derived surface solar energy data set formulated for the Renewable Energy Industry. It contains 52 monthly-averaged parameters, specified by the DOE National Renewable ...

5. Visible Cloud Threshold Data Set from the NOAA TIROS/N SatelliteSeries [OSDPD0025]
The data set consists of bidirectional reflectance values derived from radiance measurements from one of the visible channels of AVHRR and channel 20 of the HIRS/2 instrument for a cloud-free atmosphere ...

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