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1. NCAR/RAP's NEXRAD Weather Radar Data Archive [NCAR_RAP_NIDS_NEXRAD]
The Research Application Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research maintains an online archive of much of the NIDS/NEXRAD data collected around the country. Specifically, we keep (in ...

2. NEXRAD Rainfall Data: Eureka, California [NSIDC-0300]
Next-Generation Radar (NEXRAD) Weather Surveillance Radar 1988 (WSR-88D) measurements were used to support AMSR-E rainfall validation efforts in Eureka, California, USA.

3. Typhoon Herb [ucar.scd.vets.vg.herb]
Typhoon Herb roared across northern Taiwan resulting in the loss of many lives and damage to property due to high winds, flooding, and landslides. Researchers are using advanced computer ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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