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1. Daily, 1 degree (180 x 360) instantaneous fields of assimilated surface variables (GSFC/GMAO) [DLLAXMIS]
Daily, 1 degree (180 x 360) instantaneous fields of assimilated surface variables, including pressure, ground temperature, ground wetness, total precipitable water, near surface winds at 2M and 10M, ...

The BOREAS TF-11 team collected several data sets in their efforts to fully describe the flux and site characteristics at the SSA-Fen site. This data set contains temperature, pH, and concentration ...

3. BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data [BOREAS_TE1FENNT]
The BOREAS TE-01 team collected various data to characterize the soil-plant systems in the BOREAS SSA. Particular emphasis was placed on nutrient biochemistry, the stores and transfers of organic ...

4. LBA-ECO ND-03 Stream and Soil Water Data, Fazenda Nova Vida, Rondonia: 1994-2001 [ND03_STREAMS_SOILWATER]
This data set provides the results of (1) the physical and chemical characterization of streams and (2) comparable chemical analyses of extracted soil water in the Aldeia River basin at Fazenda Nova ...

5. LBA-ECO ND-03 Forest and Pasture Watershed Hydrochemistry, Rondonia, Brazil [ND03_FLOWPATH_CHEMISTRY]
This data set consists of water chemistry data from streams, wells, rainwater, and canopy throughfall samples. The field measurements were carried out at Rancho Grande in the Brazilian state of Rondonia, ...

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