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1. Distribution of Weddell seals pupping at the Vestfold Hills. [Wed_distrib]   PARENT METADATA
The information in the dataset is the location of Weddell seals with pups at the Vestfold Hills. Resolution of locations is 0.63 sq. kilometres because the data are recorded as x-y coordinates of ...

2. Population segregation and birth-site fidelity of Weddell seals at the Vestfold Hills [Wed_biopsy]   PARENT METADATA
This collection of biopsy samples, and the associated tag and resight data set, will contribute to an investigation of the degree of population segregation of Weddell seals. Biopsy samples were collected ...

3. Weddell seal diet data and samples collected and compiled by Sam Lake [wed_diet]   PARENT METADATA
This data set consists of Weddell seal prey identifications made using the remains of prey recovered from faecal samples. The data are stored in an ACCESS database, and available from Harry Burton ...

4. Weddell seal reporting grid of the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica [Wed_map]   PARENT METADATA
This is a digital version of the grid reference map used to plot all sightings of Weddell seals in the Vestfold Hills. The point of origin is the same as the original map and each grid cell is numbered ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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