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1. Western Oregon, Sustained Yield Units [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_SUSTAINED_YIELD]   PARENT DIF
This theme shows the boundaries of the sustained yield units. An SYU is an administrative division that produces a specified yield of timber on a sustainable basis.

2. BLM/ORWA Tree Improvement Co-op Units [BLM_ORWA_TREE_IMPRV]   PARENT DIF
Resource Management Planning, Long-range Planning of genetically improved seed needs.

3. Oregon Timber Sale Inventory (TSI) [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_TIMBER_SALE]   PARENT DIF
This theme is for tracking of the BLM timber sale program in the western Oregon districts from the planning stages through completion of the sale. Associated attributes include sale status, general ...

4. Western Oregon, Timber Production Capability Class [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_TIMBER_CLASS]   PARENT DIF
This theme shows areas of BLM-managed lands in Western Oregon that are classified according to the physical and biological capability of the site to support and produce forest products.

5. Forest Cover/Operations Inventory (Polygon) [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_FOREST_COVER]   PARENT DIF
This theme describes forest cover (vegetation) and land use management attributes within Forest Operations Inventory units (polygons) such as site class, denudation cause, dominant species, understory ...

6. Forest Seed Zones (Polygon) [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_FOREST_SEED]   PARENT DIF
This layer shows the seed zones that were established by the Western Forest Tree Seed Council. A point of contact is: Chris Cadwell Natural Resource Information Specialist Bureau of Land Management, ...

7. Oregon 1900 Vegetation [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_1900_VEG]   PARENT DIF
This layer shows the vegetation of Oregon circa 1900. Henry Gannet spent two years visiting almost all timbered areas in Oregon. He gathered the data township by township and provided an overall description ...

8. Oregon/Washington Major Plant Groupings [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_PLANT_GROUP]   PARENT DIF
This theme shows the areas where thirteen major plant groups may be found on all lands in Western Oregon. Ponderosa Pine/Snowbrush-Manzanita/Herbaceous Shasta Fir/Shrub/Herbaceous Douglas fir-Ponderosa ...

9. Western Oregon Digital Imagery Project (WODIP) [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_WODIP]   PARENT DIF
Western Oregon Digital Imagery Project, WODIP is a vegetation mapping project using Thematic Mapper Satellite data, existing field inventory data, and advanced computer technology to produce a forest ...

10. Western Oregon, Forestry Breeding Units [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_FOREST_BREEDING]   PARENT DIF
A forestry breeding unit map (FBU) delineates the boundary of each breeding unit. Having an FBU map allows for long range planning of genetically improved seed needs as identified in harvesting plans. ...

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