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1. Analytical methods used to measure chemical and physical properties of Davis Station wastewater and marine sediments. [Davis_STP_Chemistry_Methods]   PARENT DIF
This document details the analytical methods used to determine a range of chemical and physical properties of the wastewater effluent from Davis Station and of marine sediments collected from shallow ...

2. Sediment metal data (1M HCl extraction) from the Davis STP project [DAVIS_STP_Metals]   PARENT DIF
Untreated, macerated wastewater effluent has been discharged to the sea at Davis Station since 2005, when the old wastewater treatment infrastructure was removed. This environmental assessment was ...

3. Sterols in marine sediment and fauna at Davis station 2009/10 [Davis_STP_Sterols]   PARENT DIF
Wastewater containing human sewage is often discharged with little or no treatment into the Antarctic marine environment. Faecal sterols (primarily coprostanol) in sediments have been used for assessment ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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