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1. A grafting experiment testing the ability of Antarctic sponges to recognise self from non-self tissue and their immune response [K054_1988_1989_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
A dive site was selected at Cape Armitage to conduct a marine benthos survey. The water was approximately 25m deep and the bottom was found to be rocky and inhabited by sponges. Four sponge species ...

2. A survey of the density of starfish and sea urchins to determine the grazing pressure of these species on a sponge dominated reef, Cape Armitage [K054_1988_1989_NZ_3]   PARENT METADATA
In order to determine the grazing pressure of starfish and sea urchin species on the benthic community of a reef at Cape Armitage, a survey was made of these species densities. The survey was stratified ...

3. An investigation of a bacterial infection of Antarctic sponge species at Cape Armitage [K054_1988_1989_NZ_2]   PARENT METADATA
A bacterial infection was found associated with two species of Antarctic sponges while conducting a survey of the benthic community at Cape Armitage. This infection was not observed in the first year ...

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