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1. Spanish science in Antarctica: an analysis of the bibliography [CNDA-ESP_SERF_ANT_BIBLIO2002]
In English: The present work is a study of the Spanish contribution to the Antarctic science, including an analysis of the bibliographic production. 936 Antarctic bibliographic references published ...

2. Numerical model of glacier thermo-mechanics [CNDA-ESP_SERF_REN2002-03199]
In English: Three-dimensional transient model of glacier thermo-mechanics. It consists of three main sub-models: -Dynamical sub-model (full Stokes system). -Thermal sub-model. -Free-surface evolution ...

3. Thermal active layer monitoring and probe installation. CAPA (Livingston Island. 2002-04) [CNDA-ESP_SERF_CAPA]
In English: We have generated a data collection of the temperatures into the soil in two sallow boreholes that we have drilled at 2000. This data corresponding to the thermal active layer evolution,temperatures ...

4. Installation and start up of a network instruments at Antarctica to study the stratospheric nitrogen dioxide content [CNDA-ESP_SERF_ANT94-1547]
In English: To improve the level of the Antarctic chemical stratospheric knowledge and its interaction with dynamical phenomenon, the INTA in cooperation with the IAA have established 3 stations that ...

5. The Antarctica net control of quality for the surveillance and Ultraviolet Radiation characterization (CRACRUV) [CNDA-ESP_SERF_MAR_REN2000-0245-C02-02]
In English: The works were carried out in the Marambio, Ushuaia and Belgrano stations with the radiometers NILU-UV and they consisted in: -It has been carried out an exhaustive control of quality ...

6. Network for monitoring ozone layer and UV radiation in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions [CNDA-ESP_SERF_MAR]
In English: The operating instruments are: EVA Spectrometer: Developed by INTA. The operation ranges are 430-450 nm and 470-490 nm. It uses the DOAS Technique. Total NO2 and O3 columns are measured. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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