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1. Tree Ring Chronology Indexes and Reconstructions of Precipitation in Central Iowa, USA, CDIAC NDP-002 [CDIAC_NDP2]
This data package includes a reconstruction of annual precipitation for central Iowa for the period 1680-1979 based on tree ring chronologies. These data are useful indicators of the precipitation/drought ...

2. Estimates of Annual Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emitted for Each State in the U.S.A. and the District of Columbia for Each Year from 1960 through 2001, CDIAC/Trends [CDIAC_TRENDS_CO2USA]
These energy consumption data were multiplied by their respective carbon dioxide emission factors, which are called carbon content coefficients by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These ...

3. Estimates of Monthly CO2 Emissions and Associated 13C/12C Values from Fossil-Fuel Consumption in the U.S.A. [CDIAC_TRENDS_CO2EMISSIONSUSA]
Carbon emissions estimates were derived from vallues of fuel consumed, multiplied by their respcetive thermal conversion factors, and then multiplied by their respective carbon dioxide emission factors. ...

4. Forest Response to Anthropogenic Stress (FORAST) Data Base, CDIAC/DB-1005 [CDIAC_DB1005]
The Forest Responses to Anthropogenic Stress (FORAST) project was designed to determine the effect of anthropogenically-produced pollutants and climate on long-term growth patters of several species ...

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