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1. Climate, Drift, and Image Data from Antarctic Icebergs A22A and UK211, 2006-2007 [NSIDC-0466]
This data set includes a variety of station data from two Antarctic icebergs. In 2006, researchers installed specialized weather stations called Automated Meteorological Ice Geophysical Observing ...

2. Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves [NSIDC-0102]
Recent changes in the extent and stability of ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula prompted NSIDC to begin a monitoring program using data from the AVHRR Polar 1 km Data Set. NSIDC regularly reviews ...

3. MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA) Image Map [NSIDC-0280]
Staff from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and the University of New Hampshire have assembled two digital image maps of surface morphology and optical snow grain size that cover the ...

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