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1. CRYSYS Frozen Ground Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_FrozenGrResearch]
The frozen ground research focuses on the development of new means for mapping/monitoring seasonally and perennially frozen ground (permafrost), and associated features (e.g. ...

2. CRYSYS Glacier and Ice Cap Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_GlacierIceCap]
Glacier and ice cap research focuses on the development of new techniques for monitoring glaciers and ice caps. This also includes continuing enhancement and access to conventional ...

3. CRYSYS Lake Ice Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_LakeIceResearch]
Lake-ice studies focus on the use of optical and microwave satellite data to extract geophysical information related to lake-ice processes and the identification of freeze-up/break-up ...

4. CRYSYS Sea Ice Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_SeaIceResearch]
CRYSYS sea ice research focuses on field investigations for development and validation of microwave algorithms for first-year and multi-year sea ice and modeling of interannual variability ...

5. CRYSYS Snow Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_SnowResearch]
Main thrusts in CRYSYS snow-related research are: (1) the development and validation of microwave algorithms for snow cover properties (extent, water equivalent, wet/dry state) in varying ...

6. Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) Daily Snow Depth Analysis Data [NSIDC-0447]
This data set consists of a Northern Hemisphere subset of the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) operational global daily snow depth analysis. Data include daily analysed snow depths from 1998 through ...

7. Reconstructed North American, Eurasian, and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent, 1915-1997 [G02131]
This data set contains time series of monthly snow cover extent (SCE) for North America, Eurasia, and the Northern Hemisphere from 1915 to 1997, based on snow cover reconstruction and NOAA satellite ...

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