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1. Repeat Orbit Interferometry Package [ROI_PAC]
ROI_PAC V2.2, a Repeat Orbit Interferometry Package that allows researchers in the area of topography and surface change to apply Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) methods, ...

2. Flow Analysis Software Toolkit (FAST) [FAST]
The Flow Analysis Software Toolkit, FAST, is a software environment for visualizing data. FAST is a collection of separate programs (modules) that run simultaneously and allow the user to examine ...

3. WebWinds: The Data Analysis and Visualization WWW Tool [01-WebWinds-00]
WebWinds is an interactive science data visualization system, written in Java and available for all major computer platforms. Its use does not require any user programming experience since sessions ...

4. Remote Interactive Visualization and Analysis System (RIVA) [RIVA-JPL]
RIVA (Remote Interactive Visualization and Analysis System) is a parallel terrain rendering system we built back in 1994. RIVA can be used as an interactive system to explore and visualize large terrain ...

5. Geophysical Finite Element Simulation Tool (GeoFEST) [GEOFEST]
GeoFEST (Geophysical Finite Element Simulation Tool) is a two- and three-dimensional finite element software package for the modeling of solid stress and strain in geophysical and other continuum ...

6. MAPVEG: Classification of Three-Frequency Quad-Pol Sar Data into a Vegetation Ground Cover Map [MAPVEG]
MAPVEG performs a first level classification of NASA/JPL AIRSAR data into simple ground cover types. Classification images generated by MAPVEG can be used to separate vegetated from non-vegetated ...

7. RIPPLE: A Computer Program for Incompressible Flows with Free Surfaces [RIPPLE]
RIPPLE: A Computer Program for Incompressible Flows with Free Surfaces is a computer program for modeling transient, two-dimensional, incompressible fluid flows with surface tension on free surfaces ...

8. LinkWinds: The Linked Windows Interactive Data System [LinkWinds]
LinkWinds is a visual data exploration system resulting from a program of research into the application of computer graphics to rapidly and interactively accessing, displaying, exploring and analyzing ...

9. NASA/MSFC Global Reference Atmospheric Model-1995 (GRAM-95) [GRAM-95]
The NASA/MSFC Global Reference Atmospheric Model was developed in response to the need for a design reference atmosphere that provides complete global geographical variability and complete ...

10. Windows Video Image Communication And Retrieval (WINVICAR) [WINVICAR]
WINVICAR is a collection of approximately 150 programs developed for processing of image data on the Windows platform. WINVICAR is a derivative of the VICAR package developed for image ...

11. Data Graphics - X [DGX]
DGX (Data Graphics - X) is an image visualization tool based on X11 and motif. DGX is particularly well suited to the display of radar image data, which are usually represented as complex pixels, ...

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