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1. Volcanic Records in the Siple and Taylor Dome Ice Cores [NSIDC-0126]
This data set is part of the WAISCORES project, an NSF-funded project to understand the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. WAISCORES researchers acquired and ...

2. Collaborative Research: Microparticle/tephra analysis of the WAIS Divide ice core [dunbar_0636767]
Visible tephra layers were found in the Byrd Station ice core, the first deep core drilled in Antarctica. Since then, tephra have been found in many other Antarctic ice cores. Tephra layers in ice ...

3. Collaborative Research: Refining a 500-kyr Climate Record From the Mt. Moulton Blue Ice Field in West Antarctica [dunbar_NSF0230348]
There is intense scientific interest in the history, dynamics and future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet because it is the world's only remaining marine ice sheet and is considered by ...

4. Geochemical analyses and images of tephra and other particulate samples from the Law Dome Ice Core [Law_Dome_Tephra]
This data set contains geochemical information and backscattered electron images of particulate material sampled from the Law Dome ice core. Some of this material is volcanic ash, and ...

5. Siple Dome Ice Core Chemistry and Ion Data [NSIDC-0251]
This data set includes chemistry and ion data collected from a 150 m core recovered from Siple Dome, West Antarctica. The core was drilled during the 1994/1995 field season. Dating of the core was ...

6. Tephra in Siple and Taylor Dome Ice Cores [NSIDC-0110]
This data set consists of electron microprobe geochemical analyses of glass shards sampled from Siple Dome and Taylor Dome ice cores during the 1999-2000 field season. Geochemical data are in tab-delimited ...

7. Volcanology of Mt. Takahe volcano, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica [Takahe_volcano]
This data set contains information on volcanic rock samples collected at Mt. Takahe volcano in the 1998-99 austral summer. Included in data set is GPS locations and elevations, sample ...

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