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1. GLobal Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) Ocean Atlas [CDIAC_GLODAP]
The GLobal Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) is a cooperative effort to coordinate global synthesis projects funded through NOAA/DOE and NSF as part of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study - Synthesis ...

2. Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Surface Water and the Atmosphere in the Pacific and Indian Oceans - CDIAC/NDP-047 [CDIAC_NDP047_PMEL]
This CDIAC Numeric Data Package (NDP) represents carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements in the atmosphere and surface water obtained from NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) ship cruises ...

3. Carbonate Chemistry of the North Pacific Ocean from the North Pacific Shuttle Experiment (NORPAX) and NOAA Dynamics Cruises, CDIAC NDP-029 [CDIAC_NDP29]
This package documents carbonate data obtained during two NOAA CO2 Dynamics Cruises and the NORPAX Hawaii-Tahiti Shuttle Experiment. One data source was NOAA/s CO2 Dynamics Cruise of the eastern ...

4. Total Carbon Dioxide, Hydrographic, and Nitrate Measurements in the Southwest Pacific From PMEL CGC-90 Cruise, CDIAC/NDP-052 [CDIAC_NDP052]
This Numeric Data Package (NDP) consists of a collection of carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrographic, and nitrate measurements at a series of hydrographic stations along longitude 170W during the austral ...

5. Pacific Ocean Chemistry; TCO2, PCO2, CFC, DMS, CO, CH4 [OAR0061]
[ A more complete version of this directory entry is in process. 12/30/93] This directory entry was created from information gathered in a survey conducted as part of NOAA's Data System Modernization ...

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