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1. Cloud Detector measurements made at Davis Station, Antarctica [AAS_4157_Clouds]
It had been shown that remote cloud detection can be performed with the use of new generation Thermopile detectors. The detection method is based on the fact that a cloudy sky will be warmer than ...

2. Midwinter atmospheric temperature at altitude ~87km [SOE_Hydroxyl]
This indicator is no longer maintained, and is considered OBSOLETE. See the metadata record "Davis_OH_airglow" for access to these data. INDICATOR DEFINITION Midwinter atmospheric temperatures ...

3. Rotational temperature studies of the hydroxyl airglow layer above Davis, Antarctica. [Davis_OH_airglow]
These OH rotational temperature data are derived from spectra collected with a Czerny-Turner scanning grating spectrometer operating at Davis station (69S, 78E), Antarctica (see Greet et al., 1998; ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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