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1. EO-1 Sensor Planning Service [urnuuid14c2c4dc-6ae4-4234-92e0-c4dc6ee3f18d]
This service describes a Standard interface for tasking EO-1.

2. EO-1 Web Feature Service [urnuuidd3961388-f5aa-472b-a637-882ae407fe66]
This service describes a Web Feature Service showing hot pixels from MODIS direct downlink to Salt Lake City, Utah and correlated with national inter-agency fire center wildfires of national importance ...

3. EO-1 Workflow Chaining Service [urnuuid7dc2f809-1d3d-48c4-8d15-db24b96dd39e]
The EO-1 Workflow Chaining Service is a Workflow engine to orchestrate the various web services to generate data products, task satellite assets, and disseminate data.

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