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1. Vulcanism, Seismicity, Magnetism and Geodynamics of the South Shetland Island [CNDA-ESP_ANT95-0094_PAD]   CHILD DIFs
In English: The project for the study of Vulcanism, Seismicity, Magnetism and geodynamics of the South Shetland Island: Seismic station at BAE (Livingston) contained three coordinated projects: -CNDA-ESP_ANT95-0094-CO1, ...

2. Volcanology, seismicity, magnetism and geodynamic at South Shetland Islands: geophysical network for volcanic activity monitoring at Deception Island [CNDA-ESP_ANT95-0094-CO1]   PARENT DIF
In English: The present project is focused in: The detection of volcano magnetic signals in order to monitor the volcanic activity of Deception I. Besides this, the register of total intensity of ...

3. Monitoring of volcanic activity: Seismic, Gravimetric, Geomagnetic and Hydrographic monitoring. Deception Island [CNDA-ESP_ANT99-1462E-HE061]
In English: The present seismic campaign has carried out the built of a digital short period seismic network along the inside coast of Deception Island (Port Foster) and a wide band station. The ...

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