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1. GOES Satellite Data - Sounder [gov.noaa.class.GVAR_SND]
ABSTRACT: The GOES Sounder measures emitted radiation in 18 thermal infrared bands that are sensitive to temperature, moisture, and ozone, and reflected solar radiation in one visible band. The "footprint" ...

2. GOES Satellite Data - Block 11 [gov.noaa.class.GVAR_B11]
ABSTRACT: GVAR is the data transmission format used to broadcast environmental data measured by the independent GOES Imager and Sounder instruments. The Block 11 data files contain ancillary imager ...

3. GOES Satellite Data - Imager [gov.noaa.class.GVAR_IMG]
ABSTRACT: The GOES Imager is a five-channel (one visible, four infrared) imaging radiometer designed to sense radiant and solar reflected energy from sampled areas of the earth. GVAR is the data transmission ...

4. GOES Satellite Data - VISSR/VAS (GOES-7 and earlier) [gov.noaa.class.PRE_GVAR]
ABSTRACT: The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) series of satellites goal is to monitor the atmosphere for severe weather development such as tornadoes, flash floods, hail storms ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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