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1. Collaborative Research: Byrd Glacier Flow Dynamics [Byrd_flow_dynamics]
This collaborative award includes Investigators associated with NSF PLR awards ANT-0944597 (Stearns) and ANT-0944087 (Hamilton). This is a project to understand the flow dynamics of large, fast-moving ...

2. Glaciology of Blue Ice Areas in Antarctica [Hamilton_0229245]
A 'horizontal ice core' was collected at the Mount Moulton blue ice field in West Antarctica and preliminary analyses of the sample material suggests that a ~500 kyr climate record is ...

3. Ice Dynamics and Surface Glaciology along US ITASE Traverse Routes in East Antarctica [hamilton_0440792]
This award supports a series of field measurements that will improve our understanding of the East Antarctic ice sheet. The objectives of this project are to take advantage of the overland traverse ...

4. Mass Balance and Accumulation Rate Along US ITASE Routes [Hamilton_0196441]
ICE DYNAMICS AND SURFACE GLACIOLOGY ALONG US ITASE TRAVERSE ROUTES IN EAST ANTARCTICA Antarctica is a key component of the Earth system. The ice sheet and its fringing ice ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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