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1. Macquarie Island Mapping Program Survey Field Work and Report Voyage 3 Round Trip November 1997 [survey_1997_V3]
Taken from sections of the report: 1. Introduction This report details the survey work carried out on Macquarie Island during November 1997 by LANDINFO staff on behalf of the Australian Antarctic ...

2. Mean sea level [SOE_Mean_Sea_Level]
INDICATOR DEFINITION This indicator reports on the deviation of the annual mean sea level from the long-term sea level record. TYPE OF INDICATOR There are three types of indicators used in this report: ...

3. Survey Report, Heard Island, Surveying and Mapping Field Season 2000-2001 [survey_2000-2001_Heard]
Taken from sections of the report: This report details survey work carried out in the Australian Territory of Heard Island as part of Voyage 2 during October and November 2000 by LANDINFO on behalf ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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