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1. ODFW_districtboundaries [ODFW_districtboundaries]
This polygon coverage depicts ODFW regional and district boundaries. For use both within and outside of ODFW to produce maps or as a base for analysis. Most but not all the boundaries were picked ...

2. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Facilities [ODFW_facilities]
This is a simple point coverage indicating the location of ODFW facilities. This dataset is intended for cartographic as well as limited analytical use. In most cases the USGS geographic names information ...

3. Oregon Plan Core Areas [ODFW_plancore]
A GIS dataset delineating Oregon Plan Core Areas as designated in the Original Draft Oregon Plan dated August 6, 1996. The purpose of the dataset is to illustrate and quantify the Core Areas. 1:100,000 ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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