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1. Antarctica's Geological History Reflected in Sedimentary Radiogenic Isotopes [NSF-ANT05-38580]
This project studies sediment from the ocean floor to understand Antarctica's geologic history. Glacially eroded from the Antarctic continent, these sediments may offer insight into the 99% Antarctica ...

2. Collaborative Research: East Antarctic outlet glacier contributions to the Ross Sea from chronology of detrital grains [NSF-ANT10-43619]
Intellectual Merit: The PIs proposed a provenance study of glacial deposits in the Ross Embayment that will provide a broad scale geochronologic survey of detrital minerals in till to help characterize ...

3. Erosion History and Sediment Provenance of East Antarctica from Multi-method Detrital Geo- and Thermochronology [NSF-ANT08-38729]
Much of the inventory of East Antarctic bedrock geochronology, as well as a record of its erosional history, is preserved in Cenozoic sediments around its margin. This project is to use these sediments ...

4. Establishing the pattern of Holocene-LGM changes in sediment contributions from Antarctica to the Southern Ocean [Goldstein_OPP_0088054]
Terrigenous clastic sediments are brought to the ocean from continental sources via rivers, ice and wind, and distributed within the ocean by surface and deep currents. By investigating long-lived ...

5. History of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet since the mid-Miocene: New Evidence from Provenance of Ice-rafted Debris [NSF-ANT09-44489]
Intellectual Merit: The PIs propose to study the stability and dynamics of the East Antarctic ice sheet during the Pliocene in the area of the Wilkes and Aurora subglacial basins. Models indicate ...

6. Sedimentary rocks of Larsen basin [dlb_LarsenBasin]
This dataset consists of: (1) a suite of sedimentary rocks (primarily sandstones, with subordinate mudstones, conglomerates, glauconites and volcanic ashes) collected from Cretaceous through Paleogene ...

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