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1. China-Brazil Earth Resource Satellite (CBERS) 1, 2 and 2B Data Catalog [CBERS_DATA]   CHILD DIFs
[Source: INPE Image Catalog web site, ] DGI/INPE's Image Database presently contains images cast by Landsat-1, Landsat-2, ...

2. WFI - Wide Field Imager (CBERS 2B)Imagery [INPE_CBERS2B_WFI]   PARENT DIF
The CBERS-2B satellite is designed for global coverage and include cameras that make optical observations and a Data Collection System transponder to gather data on the environment. They are unique ...

3. CCD - High Resolution CCD Camera (CBERS 2) Imagery [INPE_CBERS2_CCD]   PARENT DIF
CBERS-2 CCD - High Resolution CCD Camera. The CCD camera provides images of a 113 km wide strip with 20m spatial resolution. Since this camera has a sideways pointing capability of ? 32 degrees, ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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