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1. Morphology and phylogenetic relationships of some psychrophilic polar diatoms [KOPRI_DOPPD_2008_01]
Nine psychrophilic polar diatom species within six genera (Chaetoceros, Fragilaria, Navicula, Nitzschia, Porosira, and Stellarima) were found near King Sejong Station, Maxwell Bay, King George Island, ...

2. Annual variation of microalgae and physical factors in the surface water of Marian Cove, King George Island, Antarctica [KPDC-MD-2006-005]
Microalgal biomass was measured daily from January 1996 to December 2005 at a fixed neritic station near King Sejong Base in Marian Cove, King George Island, Antarctica. And sea water temperature, ...

3. LIDAR data on the Arctic in the summer of 2012 [KPDC_LIDAR_ARCTIC_2012]
An dural polarization LIDAR was used to measure the aerosol back-scattering intensity and its depolarization ratio with altitude up to 10 km over the Chukchi sea.

4. Meteorological data on the Arctic in the summer of 2012 [KPDC_MD_ARCTIC_2012]
Measurements of meteorological data such as air temperature were made to provide basic meteorological information under which the research cruise using a IBRV, ARAON was made in the Chukchi Borderland/Mendeleev ...

5. Air-sea turbulent fluxes on the Arctic in the summer of 2012 [KPDC_FLUX_ARCTIC_2012]
On board turbulent fluxes of CO2, CH4 and energy were measured during the cruise in the Chukchi Borderland/Mendeleev Ridge in boreal summer of 2012. Eddy covariance system, consisting of 3-D sonic ...

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