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1. SMEX02 Landsat 5 and 7 Thematic Mapper Land Surface Brightness Temperatures [NSIDC-0241]
This data set consists of land surface brightness temperatures derived from Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper+ (ETM+) thermal bands.

2. SMEX02 SMACEX Tower Meteorological/Flux Data: Iowa [NSIDC-0438]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

3. Satellite Surface Radiation Budgets for Basin and Global Scale Hydrologic Studies [USDA0534]
"Satellite Surface Radiation Budgets for Basin and Global Scale Hydrologic Studies" contains analysis information of GOES and AVHRR satellite data collected during MONSOON 90 and Washita 92 field ...

The Bowen Ratio Surface Flux Observations (GSFC) Data Set contains data collected using the Bowen Ratio Techniques. The major data collection effort was conducted in 1987 when 16 stationary sites ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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