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1. SAMI2 Low-to-mid-Latitude Ionosphere Model [SAMI3]
The SAMI2 model calculates the evolution of the low- to mid-latitude ionosphere. SAMI2 treats the dynamic plasma and chemical evolution of seven ion species (H+, He+, N+, O+, N2+, NO+, and O2+) in ...

2. ABBY NORMAL Model [abbyNormal]
The ABsorption BY the D and E Region of HF Signals with NORMAL Incidence or the ABBYNORMAL Model calculates the D and E region (60-150 km) ionization sources and ion-neutral chemistry to obtain an ...

3. Block-Adaptive-Tree-Solarwind-Roe-Upwind-Scheme [BATSRUS]
BATS-R-US, the Block-Adaptive-Tree-Solarwind-Roe-Upwind-Scheme, was developed by the Computational Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Group at the University of Michigan, now Center for Space Environment ...

4. Coupled Thermosphere/Ionosphere Plasmasphere (CTIP) Model [ION_THERMO_FULLER_ROLLELL]
The coupled thermosphere-ionosphere-plasmasphere (CTIP) model consists of three distinct components: -A global thermosphere model; -A high latitude ionosphere model; -A mid and low-latitude ionosphere/plasmasphere ...

5. Exospheric Solar Wind Model [Exospheric]
This is an exospheric model of the solar wind with only protons and electrons (we defer the inclusion of heavy ions to upcoming versions of the code), with a non-monotonic total potential for the ...

6. Heliospheric Tomography Model [HelTomo]
Heliospheric Tomography Model makes use of interplanetary scintillation (IPS) to tomographically reconstract the global structure of the solar wind. Model Input: Remote sensing data of the solar ...

7. Utah State University Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements (USU-GAIM) Model [GAIM]
Physics-based data assimilation models of the ionosphere were developed at Utah State University as part of a DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) program. The USU effort ...

8. Fok Ring Current Model (FRC) [RADIATION_BELT]
The Fok Ring Current Model (FRC) is a bounce-averaged kinetic model of the ring current. This model calculates the temporal and spatial variation of the phase space density of ring current species, ...

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