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1. Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS) [G01175]
The Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS) contains over 100 data sets pertaining to permafrost and frozen ground topics. It also contains detailed metadata records describing over 100 ...

2. Engineering-Geocryological Investigations in the Messoyakha-Norilsk Pipeline Area, Russia [GGD305]
This data set includes geocryological data from boreholes in the Messoyakha-Norilsk Pipeline Area, Russia. Parameters include ground temperature and soil properties. Ground temperature was measured ...

3. Permafrost Water/Ice Chemistry in Russia [GGD189]
This data set is comprised of water and ice chemistry parameters from areas of massive ground ice in Kolguev Island and Svalbard in the west to Chukotka Peninsula in the east. Water, snow, and ice ...

4. Slope Ecology and Active Layer in the Central Yamal Peninsula, West Siberia, Russia [GGD188]
This data set contains slope ecology parameters from Western Siberia, including morphology, lithology, soil-vegetation cover, depth of thaw, and chemical composition of landslide slopes. The study ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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