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1. Collaborative Research: Chemical Weathering in Taylor Valley Streams: Sources, Mechanisms and Global Implications [Lyons_Collaborative_Research-Chemical_Weathering]
The research has two components: Field and laboratory. The field component investigated the geochemistry of stream waters and stream sediments in Taylor Valley, Antarctica in order to ...

2. McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research (MCM LTER) Core Glacier Mass Balance Data, Antarctica [NSIDC-0421]
As part of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, a systematic sampling program has been undertaken to monitor mass balance of the Taylor Valley ...

3. The Molecular Signals that Regulate the Ontogeny of Aerobic Capacity, Lipid Metabolism and Elevated Myoglobin Concentrations in the Skeletal Muscles of Weddell Seals [NSF-ANT06-34682]
During the past three decades, intensive field studies have revealed much about the behavior, physiology, life history, and population dynamics of the Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddelli) population ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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