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1. Energy requirements and daily food consumption of crabeater seals in the Antarctic winter pack-ice [ASAC_1090]
Although the most abundant of all mammalian predators in the Antarctic marine ecosystem, crabeater seals are also one of the least understood. The most fundamental question of all - how many are ...

2. Prey species found within Hooker Sea Lion scats [hookers_sea_lion_scats]
This dataset is a collection of presence-absence and %occurrence data of prey species found within scats of Hooker Sea Lions. The data are presented in an excel spreadsheet. Samples ...

3. Seal database of known-age animals [TAGS]
This database is a compendium of histories of known age seals (Weddell and Southern elephant) from observations across the Southern Ocean but focussed on Macquarie Island, Marion Island, Heard Island, ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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