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1. Energy requirements and daily food consumption of crabeater seals in the Antarctic winter pack-ice [ASAC_1090]
Although the most abundant of all mammalian predators in the Antarctic marine ecosystem, crabeater seals are also one of the least understood. The most fundamental question of all - how many are ...

2. Seal database of known-age animals [TAGS]
This database is a compendium of histories of known age seals (Weddell and Southern elephant) from observations across the Southern Ocean but focussed on Macquarie Island, Marion Island, Heard Island, ...

3. Prey species found within Hooker Sea Lion scats [hookers_sea_lion_scats]
This dataset is a collection of presence-absence and %occurrence data of prey species found within scats of Hooker Sea Lions. The data are presented in an excel spreadsheet. Samples ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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