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1. Aeolian sediment in snow and on sea ice in Western in McMurdo Sound, and the Nansen Ice Shlelf in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica [K001D_2010_2012_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
To quantify the distribution, composition and overall flux of aeolian (windblown) sediment that accumulates on Ice shelves and annual sea ice in the SW Ross Sea region and is subsequently released ...

2. Geophysical investigations (seismic, aero and ground base magnetic, gravity, GPR and bathymetry surveys) of the tectonic, sedimentary and volcanic history of the Victoria Land Basing - site survey for ANDRILL project [K001_ANDRILL_SITE_SURVEYS]
A multi-national team (Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA) undertook seismic reflection, aeromagnetic surveys, ground-based magnetic and gravity measurements to image the ...

3. New Harbor and Windless Bight Seismic Data for ANDRILL [ANDRILL_Geophys_surv_2001-2002]
This was a joint project between scientists and scientific programmes of the US, UK, Germany, and New Zealand to collect geophysical and site survey data in support of the ANDRILL Program. ...

4. Rock samples from the Cloudmaker and Oliver Bluffs in the Beardmore Glacier region. [K001BR_2010_2011_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
Samples were collected from the Cloudmaker and Oliver Bluffs and are accompanied by the geomorphic, petrographic, and structural information, and GPS position and elevation data.

5. The ANDRILL drilling project - 1284.87 m and 1138.54 m sediment cores from below the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelf [K001_ANDRILL]   CHILD METADATA
ANDRILL (ANtarctic DRILLing project) is a multinational (Germany, Italy, New Zealand and USA) initiative to investigate the climate and tectonic history of Antarctica by recovering deep sediment ...

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