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1. Drifting Buoy Data for the Global Ocean; Position, Surface Pressure, and Surface/Subsurface Temperature [MEDS_DRIBU]
Drifting Buoy (DRIBU) data have been gathered from a number of different sensors mounted on drifting buoys. Drifting buoy data includes the buoy position, date, time and, in ...

2. Oceanographic Station Data (mostly Temperature and Salinity) for the Northwest Atlantic, Northeast Pacific and Arctic [MEDS_STATION_DATA]
This data holding consists of classical oceanographic bottle stations and vertical profiles (STD/CTD), from 210,000 stations. These data are organized by cruise, station, and level. Cruise, time ...

3. Surface Wave Data from the Marine and Inland Waters of Canada; One and Two Dimensional Spectra, Significant Wave Height, and Peak Period [MEDS_WAVE_DATA]
These wave data consist of both one and two dimensional (directional) measurements. One dimensional surface wave data have been collected from approximately 250 locations in marine and inland waters ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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