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1. Climatology, Meteorology, and Microbial Metabolism in Ice with Dust Loggers and Fluorimetry [price_0738658]
This award supports a project to use two new scanning fluorimeters to map microbial concentrations vs depth in the WAIS Divide ice core as portions of it become available at NICL, and selected portions ...

2. Climatology, Volcanism, and Microbial Life in Ice with Downhole Loggers [price_0440609]
This award supports a project to use two spectrofluorimeters - one with a 224-nm laser to excite protein fluorescence and non-protein aerosol and dust fluorescence, and the other with a 404-nm laser ...

3. Downhole log of dust and volcanic ash layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica [berkeley_dustlogger_Siple]
The table lists, as a function of depth, the optical signal received by the downhole logger after a horizontally directed light beam has been emitted from the logger out of the borehole, ...

4. WAIS Divide Laser Dust Logger Data [bay_0738658]
Preliminary data from an optical log made at WAIS Divide with the laser dust logger in December 2011, in the clear ice at depths between 1403.58 m and 3329.8 m. The Dust Logger measures the amount ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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