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1. Annual Thaw Depths and Water Depths in Tanana Flats, Alaska [GGD623]
Thaw depths and water depths were monitored at 1 m to 2 m intervals along a 255-m transect across an area of discontinuous and degrading permafrost on the Tanana Flats south of Fairbanks, Alaska. ...

2. A Half-Century of Change in Arctic Alaskan Shrubs: A Photographic-Based Assessment [ARCSS130]
In this study, the locations of 193 old aerial photographs of northern Alaskan landscapes were rephotographed and assessed for changes in vegetation. The original photographs were taken over northern ...

3. Snow and Vegetation Measurements from Selected Sites Near Council, Alaska, USA, 2000-2002 [ARCSS119]
A combination of snow depth, snow temperature, snow water equivalent (SWE), and albedo measurements were taken from the spring of 2000 to the fall of 2002 at five sites near Council, Alaska. The sites ...

4. Active Layer Measurements in Tanana Flats, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA [ggd240]
This data set consists of active layer thickness from forested uplands (islands and benches) bordering the interconnected wetlands of Tanana Flats, near Fairbanks, Alaska. CRREL permafrost cores were ...

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