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1. HRES -- Synthetic high-resolution Antarctic bed elevation [AAS_3013_4077_4346_Ant_synthetic_bed_elevation_2016]
HRES is a high-resolution (100m) synthetic bed elevation terrain for the whole Antarctic continent. The synthetic bed surface preserves topographic roughness characteristics of airborne and ground-based ...

2. IPY Research: Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) [blankenship_0733025]
This is the master metadata record for the ICECAP project, a four-year International Polar Year campaign to map the morphology, geology and glaciology of the major marine subglacial basins of East ...

3. Pine Island Glacier (Antarctica) velocities from Landsat7 images between 2001 and 2011 [pine_island_glacier_vel]
Velocities for the Pine Island Glacier are derived using correlation analysis, using the IMCORR software package (Scambos and others, 1992) modified as discussed in Warner and Roberts (2013), applied ...

4. Totten Glacier Ice Shelf cavity bathymetry [AAS_4077_Totten_Cavity_Bathymetry]
This is a derived product containing two products blended together that describes the elevation of the seafloor beneath and out to approximately seaward of the Totten Glacier Ice Shelf cavity as well ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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