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1. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Bathymetry Plots Over Time During Events [CEAMARC_CASO_200708030_EVENT_BATHYMETRY_PLOTS]
A routine was developed in R ('bathy_plots.R') to plot bathymetry data over time during individual CEAMARC events. This is so we can analyse benthic data in relation to habitat, ie. did we trawl ...

2. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Event List [CEAMARC_CASO_200708_V3_EVENTS]
Two components. The first component is an even log for all station and instrument deployements. The second component is a log where start and end bottom times need to be recorded for instruments ...

3. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Underway Oceanographic and Meteorological Data [CEAMARC_CASO_200708_V3_Underway_data]
Underway data extracts from ship database at 10 second, 1 minute, 10 minute and hourly intervals. This data is already imported to the Oracle AAD data centre database, however these files are still ...

4. Marine mammal acoustic survey data from sonobuoy deployments on the BROKE-WEST Survey [BROKE-West_mm_acoustics]   PARENT METADATA
Data Acquisition: DIFAR (DIrectional Fixing And Ranging) 53D sonobuoys were deployed every 30 minutes of longitude during each of the north-south sampling transects as part of the acoustic survey ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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