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1. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Bathymetry Plots Over Time During Events [CEAMARC_CASO_200708030_EVENT_BATHYMETRY_PLOTS]
A routine was developed in R ('bathy_plots.R') to plot bathymetry data over time during individual CEAMARC events. This is so we can analyse benthic data in relation to habitat, ie. did we trawl ...

2. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Event List [CEAMARC_CASO_200708_V3_EVENTS]
Two components. The first component is an even log for all station and instrument deployements. The second component is a log where start and end bottom times need to be recorded for instruments ...

3. 2007-08 V3 CEAMARC-CASO Underway Oceanographic and Meteorological Data [CEAMARC_CASO_200708_V3_Underway_data]
Underway data extracts from ship database at 10 second, 1 minute, 10 minute and hourly intervals. This data is already imported to the Oracle AAD data centre database, however these files are still ...

4. Conservation and Management Science of Marine Mammals [ASAC_2941]
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) project 2941. This project replaced project 2301 after 2006-2007 (ASAC_2301). Public This work addresses Australian Government marine mammal conservation, ...

5. Marine mammal acoustic survey data from sonobuoy deployments on the BROKE-WEST Survey [BROKE-West_mm_acoustics]   PARENT METADATA
Data Acquisition: DIFAR (DIrectional Fixing And Ranging) 53D sonobuoys were deployed every 30 minutes of longitude during each of the north-south sampling transects as part of the acoustic survey ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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