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1. Cape Roberts Project diatom biostratigraphic data [CRP_DIATOM_DATA]
Diatom biostratigraphic data from Cape Roberts Project cores. Includes quantitative counts of diatoms plus silicoflagellates, endoskeletal dinoflagellates and ebridians for upper Eocene ...

2. Diatoms from Lake Fryxell long sediment core [Lake_Fryxell_diatoms]
Quantitative diatom assemblage data from 9.5 m sediment core from Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley, Antarctica. Includes more than 50 samples

3. Ross Sea/Ross Embayment diatoms in muds and diamictons [scherer_diatom]
This data set includes data on late Quaternary marine diamictons and muds. Data sets include (1) major and trace element geochemistry, and (2) diatom data in several formats Geochemistry: 1. Major ...

4. Southern Ocean Diatom Taphonomy and Paleoproductivity: A Laboratory Study of Silica Degradation and Export [NSF-ANT10-43690]
Intellectual Merit: Diatom abundance in sediment cores is typically used as a proxy for paleo primary productivity. This record is complicated by variable preservation, with most loss occurring in ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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