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1. ANALOG - A Program for Estimating Paleoclimate Parameters Using the Method of Modern Analogs [USGS_ANALOG]
ANALOG is controlled by a user-supplied run description file whose name is given as the argument on the command line. The run description file, which is composed of ASCII text, indicates which data ...

2. Global Sea-Surface Temperature and Sea-Ice Concentration Data Display Software [USGS_OCEAN_DISPLAY]
The Global sea-surface temperature and sea-ice concentration data display software shows some of the general characteristics of ocean circulation. Each display program prompts first for the oceanic ...

3. DBFmeta: A tool to help document DBF files [USGS_DBFmeta]
DBFmeta is a software tool designed to facilitate the documentation of data contained in DBF files. These data files are increasingly common because they are used to store attributes of geographic ...

4. MQ: A Tcl interface to query formal metadata [USGS_MQ]
MQ, A Tcl interface to query formal metadata, is an extension of Tcl/Tk that provides the Tcl script writer a number of capabilities for handling metadata. See ...

5. CNS and MP Metadata Pre-Parser and Compiler [USGS_CNS_MP]
The MP program is a compiler to parse formal metadata, checking the syntax against the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata and generating output suitable for viewing with a web browser ...

6. Tkme - An editor for formal metadata [Tkme]
Tkme - An editor for formal metadata is an editor that was designed to simplify the process of creating metadata that conform to the Federal Geographic Data Committee's metadata standard.

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