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1. Quaternary Geochronology of Antarctic Glacial Marine Sediments [penguine1]
The overarching goals of this project are to better constrain the chronology and temporal resolution of marine sediment cores from the Antarctic continental shelf, using the naturally-occurring ...

2. Iron Distribution and Effects on Phytoplankton Growth in the Seasonal Sea Ice Zone [ASAC_1301]
Peter Sedwick collected water column samples (6 depths, less than 350m) and measured dissolved iron in these samples, using specialised trace-metal clean techniques, at 9 stations along the SR3 transect ...

3. Iron and Light Effects on Phaeocystis Antarctica Isolates from the Ross Sea [OPP-0230559]
Data from US NSF award OPP-0230559 'Iron and Light Effects on Phaeocystis Antarctica Isolates from the Ross Sea' (PI's G DiTullio and P Sedwick), including field data (cruise NBP03-05A) for collection ...

4. Iron data (dFe and TDFe) from CORSACS project (cruises NBP06-01 and NBP06-08) [CORSACS-Fe]
The data set is comprised of concentrations of dissolved iron (dFe), total-dissolvable iron (TDFe = dissolved iron + acid-labile particulate iron) and dissolved macronutrients (nitate+nitrite, phosphate, ...

5. Radiocarbon ages and unsupported lead-210 in NBP0101 Mac Robertson Shelf Cores [SedwickOPP-0230199]
This data set consists of the radiocarbon ages (raw radiocarbon years) and unsupported lead-210 activities (disintegrations per minute per gram) of subsamples from the upper portion of five marine ...

6. Subantarctic zone oceanography - SAZ Project 1997-1998 - Iron Related Data [ASAC_2256_Iron]   PARENT METADATA
Oceanographic processes in the subantarctic region contribute crucially to the physical and biogeochemical aspects of the global climate system. To explore and quantify these contributions, the Antarctic ...

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