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1. Air sampling and analysis from Antarctic firn and ice [ASAC_1004]
Air from the ice and firn (compressed snow) of the Antarctic ice sheet will be extracted and measured for atmospheric composition in the past. Gases of interest are greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, ...

2. Annually-resolved polar ice core 10Be records spanning the Neutron Monitor era [Neutron-Monitor-era-annual-10Be]   PARENT DIF
Annually-resolved 10Be concentrations, stable water isotope ratios and accumualtion rate data from the DSS site on Law Dome, East Antarctica (spanning 1936-2009) and the Das2 site, south-east Greenland ...

3. High Resolution 10Be Records, spanning 1999-2009 from Law Dome, Antarctica [highres_10be_records_law_dome_1999_2009]   PARENT DIF
This file comprises five high-resolution records of 10Be concentration in snow from Law Dome, East Antarctica: DSS0102-pit, DSS0506-pit, DSS0506-core, DSS0809-core and DSS0910-core. A single composite ...

4. High resolution studies of cosmogenic beryllium isotopes (10Be and 7Be) at Law Dome [ASAC_3064]   CHILD DIFs
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) Project 3064. Public 10Be and 7Be are naturally-occurring radioactive isotopes produced in the Earth's atmosphere and surface by cosmic rays, at a rate controlled ...

5. High Resolution ice core 10Be records from Law Dome, Antarctica: 10-year composite (revised dating) [10Be-Law-Dome-10-year-composite]   PARENT DIF
This record comprises composite 10Be concentrations from three Law Dome ice cores (DSS0506-core, DSS0809-core and DSS0910-core). Sample dating is revised from that presented in Pedro et al., clim. ...

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