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1. A 2000-year record of mercury and ancient civilizations in seal hairs from King George Island, West Antarctica [ECA060]
The concentrations of total mercury (HgT) and three bio-essential elements (phosphor, potassium, sodium) were analyzed in Antarctic seal hairs from a lake core spanning the past 2000 years and collected ...

2. Animal excrement: a potential biomonitor of heavy metal contamination [ECA063]
To assess the feasibility of using animal excrement to biomonitor the extent of heavy metal contamination in the marine environment, concentrations of mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), copper (Cu) and zinc ...

3. Data for concentrations of greenhouse gases from the tundra on Fildes Peninsula,Antarctica between 1999 and 2002 [CNNADC_S1999-2002_18_GW_IMG]
Methane and nitrous oxide flux through pressure-tight box law determination. After obturator the seal each 20 minutes produce with the Japanese agriculture environment research institute vacuum fixed ...

4. Heavy metals in Antarctic seal hairs and sediment [ECA059]
To reconstruct the profiles of heavy metal levels in the South Ocean ecosystem of Antarctica, the concentrations of lead (Pb), copper (Cu), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), and zinc (Zn) in seal hairs ...

5. Lead concentration in Antarctic penguin droppings during the past 3000 years [ECA056]
Antropogenic lead (Pb) has been found in Antarctic seawater, surface snow and ice-cores. In this work the researchers analyzed a 3000 year record of lead concentration in lake sediments affected by ...

6. Soil environmental information during the 5th Arctic expedition at Yellow River Station in 2008 [CNNADC_2008_Polar_regions_Arctic_SensorName_Description]
Soil temperatures at the surface and 5cm, 10cm, 15cm below the surface were detected.

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