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1. Distribution and Viability of Zooplankton Eggs from Anoxic Sediments from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica [ASAC_706]
Data set contains sediment cores from three saline lakes in the Vestfold Hills. The three lakes are Ace Lake, Lake Pendant and Lake Abraxas. Short cores from each lake are sectioned into 1 cm intervals. ...

2. Sea Ice Biota of Coastal Eastern Antarctica [ASAC_875]
The distribution and abundance of ice-associated copepods in the fast ice of the Australian Antarctic Territory were investigated over a distance of approximately 650 km between October and December ...

3. Biodiversity of lacustrine Antarctic crustaceans: local and regional genetic diversity of copepods and cladocerans [ASAC_1200]
The aim of the study was to characterise the genetic biodiversity of populations of the copepod Paralabidocera antarctica and the cladoceran Daphniopsis studeri in the Australian Antarctic Territory. ...

4. The fate of primary production in Antarctic sea ice: the role of metazoan grazers. [ASAC_1328]
Crustaceans are an important component of the Antarctic marine ecosystem. Large numbers live in or close to the sea-ice cover, using it as a refuge from predation and a source of food. However, the ...

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