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1. Cloud Detector measurements made at Davis Station, Antarctica [AAS_4157_Clouds]
It had been shown that remote cloud detection can be performed with the use of new generation Thermopile detectors. The detection method is based on the fact that a cloudy sky will be warmer than ...

2. Hydroacoustic data collected from Southern Ocean Cruises by the Australian Antarctic Division [AAD_Hydroacoustics_data_All]
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has been collecting hydroacoustic data from its ocean going vessels for a number of years. This collection represents all hydroacoustic data gathered since ...

3. ULF induction magnetometer data from Australian Antarctic and subantarctic stations [AAS_4172]
Space weather is a significant hazard to modern technology. It results from energization of the Earth's radiation belts and subsequent transport of relativistic particles to low altitudes. Plasma ...

4. Vertical Electric Field data from Concordia Station - 2009 - 2012 [ASAC_974_Concordia]
Vertical Electric field measurements captured at Concordia Station. The files are stored in XML format, and contain detailed headings describing the data layout and format. The data are collected ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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