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1. Cloud Detector measurements made at Davis Station, Antarctica [AAS_4157_Clouds]
It had been shown that remote cloud detection can be performed with the use of new generation Thermopile detectors. The detection method is based on the fact that a cloudy sky will be warmer than ...

2. Observatory Operations - All Sky Imager Data from the Australian Antarctic Territory and Macquarie Island [ASAC_527_allsky]
All Sky Imager Systems (ASIS) are deployed at Casey, Davis, Macquarie island and Mawson. These systems are autonomous data collection systems which record All Sky Imager data during periods of darkness ...

3. Observatory Operations - Riometer and Magnetometer Data from the Australian Antarctic Territory and Riometer Data from Macquarie Island [ASAC_527]
An analogue data acquisition system (ADAS), designed to collect time-stamped, time series data from any analogue signal is currently used to log data from the riometer, magnetic pulsations and fluxgate ...

4. Vertical Electric Field measurements at Davis Station, Antarctica 1988 to 1994 [ASAC_25]
A visual scan of the data from March 1988 to December 1990 was undertaken to identify cases where correlations with local phenomena were apparent. The bulk of the correlations found were with wind ...

5. Vertical Electric Field data from Concordia Station - 2009 - 2012 [ASAC_974_Concordia]
Vertical Electric field measurements captured at Concordia Station. The files are stored in XML format, and contain detailed headings describing the data layout and format. The data are collected ...

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