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1. WAIS Divide Ice Core Electrical Conductance Measurements, Antarctica [NSIDC-0591]
This data set contains electrical measurements that were used to develop the WDC06A-7 timescale.

2. Methane Concentration and Chronology from the WAIS Divide Ice Core (WDC05A) [NSIDC-0493]
This data set provides a high-precision and high-resolution record of atmospheric methane from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide ice core WDC05A, spanning the years 1000 to 1800 C.E. The ...

3. Annual Layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica, from Borehole Optical Stratigraphy [NSIDC-0515]
Researchers gathered data on annual snow layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica, using borehole optical stratigraphy. This data set contains annual layer depths and firn optical brightness. The brightness ...

4. Siple Dome Cores Electrical Measurement Data [NSIDC-0133]
This data set is part of the WAISCORES project, an NSF-funded project to understand the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. WAISCORES researchers acquired and ...

5. Proposed Drill Site: Ross-Amundsen Ice Divide, West Antarctica [Western_Divide_WAIS_Icecores_Site_Selection]
Proposed drill site near the Ross-Amundsen ice divide, West Antarctica Describes conditions near the Ross-Amundsen ice divide, and discusses candidate drill sites ...

6. Investigation of the Stratigraphy and Time Scale of the WAIS Divide Ice Core Using Electrical Methods [taylor_0440819]
This award supports a project that is part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide (WAIS Divide) program; which is a multi-disciplinary multi-institutional program to investigate the causes of natural ...

7. WAIS DIVIDE - High Temporal Resolution Black Carbon Record of Southern Hemisphere Biomass Burning [taylor_0739780]
This award supports a project to develop a 2,000-year high-temporal resolution record of biomass burning from the analysis of black carbon in the WAIS Divide bedrock ice core. Pilot data for the WAIS ...

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