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1. Byrd Ice Core Microparticle and Chemistry Data [NSIDC-0247]
This data set consists of microparticle and chemistry data from Byrd Ice Core, the first ice core to reach bedrock in Antarctica. The core was drilled with a cable-suspended electromechanical rotary ...

2. Byrd Station Ice Core Microparticle Analyses Data from WDC/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_BYRD_MICROP]
This data consists of microparticle concentractions from the 2,164 m ice core from the Byrd Station, Antarctica.

3. Collaborative Research in IPY: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larsen Ice Shelf System, a Multidisciplinary Approach -- Cryosphere and Oceans - LARISSA_0732655 [LARISSA_0732655]
Like no other region on Earth, the northern Antarctic Peninsula represents a spectacular natural laboratory of climate change and provides the opportunity to study the record of past climate and ecological ...

4. Glacial Assessment: Past, Present and Future: Acquisition of Essential Research Instrumentation [vanderveen_OPP0321053]
The NSF OPP award # 0321053 supported a Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) purchase of equipment for Ohio State University's Glacial Assessment Program (GAP). The program has three major ...

5. Huascaran (Peru) Ice Core Data from the NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology Program [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_PERU]
Two ice cores from the col of Huascaran in the northcentral Andes of Peru contain a paleoclimatic history extending well into the Wisconsinan (Wurm) Glacial Stage and include evidence of the Younger ...

6. Kilimanjaro Ice Core Stable Isotope, Ion, and Nitrate Data from NOAA/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_PALEO_KILIMANJARO]
Abstract from "" Six ice cores from Kilimanjaro provide an ~11.7-thousand-year record of Holocene climate and environmental variability ...

7. Quelccaya Summit (Peru) Ice Core from WDC for Paleoclimatology [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEOCL_QUELCCA]
This data set is derived from the Quelccaya Summit Ice Core by Drs. Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson of The Ohio State University. The record was updated in May 1992 to extend the data period ...

8. Sajama (Bolivia) Ice Core Data from the NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology Program [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_BOLIVIA]
Ice cores that were recovered from the summit of Sajama mountain in Bolivia provide carbon-14-dated tropical records and extend to the Late Glacial Stage (LGS). Oxygen isotopic ratios of the ice decreased ...

9. Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_1998-038]
EXPERIMENTAL DENDROCLIMATIC RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SOUTHERN OSCILLATION This file documents reconstruction of the winter (DJF) season of Allan's version of the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI). It ...

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