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1. Ground-based imaging spectroscopy data for estimation of Antarctic moss relative vigour from remotely sensed chlorophyll content and leaf density at ASPA 135 [AAS_4046_Spectroscopy_Moss_Vigour]
(Two supporting figures are contained within the metadata document in the download file) The ground-based imaging spectroscopy data were acquired with the Headwall Photonics Micro-Hyperspec VNIR ...

2. Field measurements of temperature, moisture and photosynthetic activity in three species of moss at Casey over a two week period in January 2003 [ASAC_1313_Moss_Field_Measurements]
Samples were collected at ASPA 135, at the melt lake, northeast side. This metadata record provides data collected during 2002/3 at Casey. Temperature sensors (i-buttons) were inserted into moss ...

3. Can remote sensing be used to map vegetation and monitor community change in Antarctica? [ASAC_2392]
This dataset consists of Hyperion satellite imagery, as well as GPS ground truthing of vegetation quadrats. The aims of this project were: 1. to produce a spectral library of the major subantarctic ...

4. Moss beds at Casey: detailed map of experimental sites [ASAC_1313_Casey_Moss_Map_2003]   PARENT DIF
The data are comprised of a spreadsheet with locations (latitude and longitude) and labels for moss bed quadrats. The quadrats are located in two sites: Antarctic Specially Protected Area 135 (formerly ...

5. Photos of quadrat locations for data collection of ASAC project 1313 in ASPA 135 [ASAC_1313_ASPA135_Photos]   PARENT DIF
Photos of quadrat locations for vegetation transects at site ASPA 135. Three photos per page, showing: broad quadrat location within site (left), quadrat locaiton in relation to metal marker fixed ...

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