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1. Cape Darnley Early-Autumn Phytoplankton Bloom, March 2012 [Cape_Darnley_Bloom]
These data relate to a large-scale early-autumn phytoplankton bloom that occurred off Cape Darnley, East Antarctica, in March 2012. The bloom was detected by Dr Jan Lieser (Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems ...

2. Determination of the regimes of production in the Antarctic sea-ice during SIPEX 2 using Si, N, and C stable isotope in-situ incubation experiments and 13C and 14C primary production method intercomparison [SIPEX_II_Stable_Isotopes_Si_N_C]   PARENT METADATA
Overview of the project and objectives: Assessing the contribution of the different N substrates to the primary production process, such as the biogenic silica production and dissolution in the Antarctic ...

3. Primary Production in the Sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal Zones; SAZ-Sense Voyage, 2007 [ASAC_40_SAZ-Sense_Primary_Production]
The Sub-Antarctic Zone (SAZ) in the Southern Ocean provides a significant sink for atmospheric CO2 and quantification of this sink is therefore important in models of climate change. During the SAZ-Sense ...

4. Primary productivity, pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry and nutrient drawdown data from the marginal ice zone: BROKE-WEST survey 30o-80oE, 2006 [BROKE-West_primary_productivity]
This data set contains primary productivity, pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry, and nutrient drawdown numbers associated with the abstract presented below. 14C Primary Productivity Gross column-integrated ...

5. Sea Ice Main Biology Sampling collected during the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Phytoplankton]   PARENT METADATA
Five (out of a possible 7) ice stations were sampled for the Main Biology Site, collected from -63.88S 119.9E off East Antarctic in September to November 2012 during the Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems ...

6. The role of Antarctic marine protists in trophodynamics and global change and the impact of UV-B on these organisms - Voyage 4 2009/2010 samples [ASAC_40_AA0910V4]
Locations of sampling sites for ASAC project 40 on voyage 4 of the Aurora Australis in the 2009/2010 season. Samples were collected during March of 2010. The final dataset will contain information ...

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