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1. Siple Dome Core Date from Measurement of the d18O of Paleoatmospheric Oxygen [NSIDC-0123]
This data set is part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Cores (WAISCORES) project, an NSF-funded project to understand the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. ...

2. Collaborative Research: Stable Isotopes of Ice in the WAIS Divide Deep Ice Core - white_0537593 [white_0537593]
This data set contains the record of stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in the WAIS Divide WDC06A core from West Antarctica. Samples have been analyzed at high resolution (nominal 3cm intervals) ...

3. Isotopes in Gases in Firn Air and Shallow Ice at the Proposed WAIS Drilling Site [white_0440498]
This is a multi-institutional project investigating gas concentrations and isotope ratios of gases in the upper part of the Inland WAIS ice core. The Stable Isotope Lab at INSTAAR of the University ...

4. Law Dome Methane Carbon Isotopes and Concentrations, Last 2000 years [Law_Dome_Methane_Carbon_Isotopes]
This data set contains carbon isotope and concentration data for methane extracted from the Law Dome ice core and firn gas. Raw values are listed by depth and value. The data is also listed ...

5. Modeling Seasonal and Regional Patterns of Abrupt Climate Change [white_0519512]
The aim of this research is to bring together high-resolution proxy records of abrupt climate change primarily from the Arctic and the northern hemisphere, but globally as well, with a sophisticated, ...

6. Mount Moulton Isotopes and Other Ice Core Data [NSIDC-0640]
Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface Incidence Angle 30

7. NorthGRIP Methane Carbon Isotopes [NorthGRIP_Methane_Carbon_Isotopes]
This data set contains carbon isotope and concentration data for methane extracted from the NorthGRIP ice core and firn gas at the University of Colorado. Raw values are listed by depth and value. ...

8. Stable isotopes in the Moulton ice field horizontal ice, West Antarctica [Moulton_ice_isotopes]
Stable isotope values (delta D, delta 18O and deuterium excess) for the near surface ice at Mt Moulton, West Antarctica. Data measured at INSTAAR, University of Colorado. Standard is ...

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