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1. Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) LMRF Arctic Subset [NSIDC-0057]
The Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) LMRF Arctic subset contains marine surface weather reports for the region north of 65 degrees N from ships, drifting ice stations, and buoys. ...

2. Baltic Sea Marine Surface Observations [NCAR_DS258.3]
Baltic Sea Ship database, 1961-1990, from Miroslaw Mietus (Poland), May 2000. There are 360k records covering the Baltic Sea. These QC'ed data are a result from ...

3. FOSDIC Marine surface and upper air observations, 1854-1961 [NCAR_DS258.4]
Marine surface and upper air observations recovered from microfilm copies of cards at NCDC. In the 1960's-1970's NCDC stored images of selected 80-character punched card decks ...

4. GFDL COADS Global Sea Surface Temperature Analyses, by Oort and Yi [NCAR_DS271.0]
Based on 2 degree COADS and monthly SST climatology for 1950-1979.

5. Global Ocean Dimethylsulfide Observations and Climatology, by J. Kettle et al. [NCAR_DS289.2]
Dimethylsulfide (DMS) measurements (15748 samples) made in the surface global oceans during 1972-1998 are given as raw data samples, along with the associated environmental ...

6. Kleypas and Doney's Biogeochemical Properties in the Ocean Mixed Layer [NCAR_DS259.0]
Field measurements of nutrients, chlorophyll, primary production, bacteria, HPLC pigments, and other biogeochemical parameters are compiled for nine JGOFS time-series and process study sites. ...

7. MEDS Observed Wave Data [NCAR_DS256.3]
Data from Canadian buoys through Nov. 1998, data from two NOAA buoys now operated by Canada, and data from three Canadian waverider buoys.

8. Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model Output [NCAR_DS287.1]
This archive has three distinct Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model (MICOM) outputs. The output grids are for isopycnal layers, at one-twelveth degree spatial and three-day ...

9. NODC Southern Ocean Atlas Observations and Analyses, by Gordon and Molinelli [NCAR_DS285.1]
Gordon (Columbia University), Molinelli (Science Applications Inc.), and Baker (Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory) assembled the high-quality station data from the Southern ...

10. Rand's Global Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Climatology [NCAR_DS270.2]
Monthly Average SST and Ice-Pack Limits, based on 1970's and pre-1970's data, derived from DS270.0 [] and Navy data.

11. Tropical Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Salinity, Observations and Monthly Analyses [NCAR_DS279.1]
Sea surface salinity measurements from the tropical Pacific Ocean were used to derive monthly grids (1969-1995), and annual and monthly climatologies based on the 1979-1992 ...

12. U.K. Global Permanent Service Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) Observations [NCAR_DS252.0]

13. Western Arctic Ice Drift Stations, plus ships Maud and Fram [NCAR_DS258.2]
Western Arctic ice drifting stations, AIDJEX, ARLIS I, ARLIS II, Ice Station Alpha, Ice Station Charlie, T-3 (called Ice Station Bravo during IGY), ship Maud and Fram provide ...

14. Woods Hole Lightship Data [NCAR_DS258.1]
Nantucket, Diamond Shoals, and other Lightship data from a digitization project at NCDC

15. World Ocean Database and World Ocean Atlas [NCAR_DS285.0]
The World Ocean Database (WOD) has observed data from the ocean surface and subsurface profiles. The World Ocean Atlas (WOA) has gridded analyses for annual, seasonal, and ...

16. AARI Russian North Polar Drifting Station Data, from NSIDC [NCAR_DS474.0]
This dataset consists of 31 Russian north polar drifting stations which took observations of surface variables for the periods 1937-1938 and 1950-1991. We received the latest ...

17. ADEOS-II Scatterometer Winds, Level 2B [NCAR_DS744.7]
Sea surface wind estimated by scatterometer instruments on the ADEOS-II satellite. Notice 07/28/2006: JPL PODAAC has initiated reprocessing of all ADEOS-II and QuikSCAT data with superior algorithms ...

18. AVHRR Pathfinder Atmosphere (PATMOS) Climate Dataset [NCAR_DS702.0]
A reprocessing of Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Pathfinder atmosphere (PATMOS) results in a 20-year global climate dataset providing information on the earth's radiation budget. ...

19. Antarctic Ice Analyses, monthly, by Ropelewski [NCAR_DS234.0]
Monthly sea-ice area data is available for each 10 degrees of longitude for Antarctica starting January 1973. These data are based on weekly charts prepared by ohe Navy-NOAA ...

20. Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Climatology [NCAR_DS233.5]
Seasonal longterm climatology of sea ice thickness in the arctic digitized by Benjamin Felzer from Bourke and Garrett maps from submarine underice sonar profiles.

21. Arctic Surface Temperature Analyses, monthly, by Walsh [NCAR_DS222.0]
Monthly analysis of Arctic surface temperature.

22. Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration, monthly, Walsh et al. [NCAR_DS233.0]
Using various sources for sea ice concentration John Walsh and Bill Chapman have derived a monthly time series of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice concentration.

23. Arctic surface temperature and pressure from Argos buoys [NCAR_DS256.2]
University of Washington Polar Science Center ARGOS buoy data for January-June and October-December 1987. This data is supplied by the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Dataset ...

24. Atlas of Surface Marine Data, climatology and monthly, by Da Silva and Young [NCAR_DS541.1]
COADS observations (1945-1993) were used to derive climatologies and year-month anomalies for the basic observed variables and heat flux components. The data are analyzed to ...

25. Batelle's Wind Energy Summaries, various stations [NCAR_DS816.0]
Statistical data from a world-wide wind energy resource assessment is provided for a selection of stations in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. ...

26. Bunker Climate Atlas of the North Atlantic Ocean [NCAR_DS209.2]
Contains monthly grids of surface parameters.

27. CLIMAP Climatic Boundary Conditions for 18,000 years before present [NCAR_DS862.0]
Northern Hemisphere present and 18,000 years before present, sea surface temperature, elevation, vegetation, soil type, and glacial ice from the CLIMAP project. Course resolution boundary conditions ...

28. Canadian MEDS West and East Coast Temperature and Salinity Observations [NCAR_DS257.0]
Time series of water temperature and salinity collected at various points on Canadian coasts.

29. Climatological Mean Global Wind Stress and Curl, by Harrison et al. [NCAR_DS232.1]
A monthly mean climatological wind stress was derived from the National Climate Center TDF-11 ocean observations. The dataset was derived in 1989 using the Large and Pond algorithm ...

30. ESA ERS-1 and ERS-2 Scatterometer Ocean Surface Winds [NCAR_DS744.0]
There are several products available in this dataset. * Wind direction and speed derived by JPL from the scatterometer instrument aboard the ERS-1 and ERS-2 satellites. These along swath orbit ...

31. ETOPO5 Global Earth Topography, 5-minute, from NGDC [NCAR_DS759.1]
Five minute resolution global ocean depth and land surface elevation. Developed from multiple data sources and compiled by Peter Sloss at NGDC. This dataset has been superceded by a more current dataset. ...

32. Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Analyses (EPOCS) [NCAR_DS251.0]
Collected for EPOCS by CAC from various sources.

33. GFDL MOM Climatological Ocean Initialization Analyses [NCAR_DS287.0]
Formatted and Unformatted data archive used to create initialization grids for the GFDL MOM model.

34. GFDL SEASAT Scatterometer Derived Winds [NCAR_DS726.0]
SEASAT scatterometer derived wind speed and direction, global coverage, July-October 1978, approx. 50 km resolution, objectively dealiased by Robert Atlas at GSFC.

35. Global (60N-60S) Monthly Temperature Anomaly and Heat Storage, by White [NCAR_DS260.0]
Grids of temperature from XBT's taken during 1950-1993 were used to contruct grids on 11 levels from 0 to 400 meters.

36. Global Air Temperature and Precipitation Climatologies, by Willmott et al. [NCAR_DS236.0]
Cort J. Willmott, Kenji Matsuura and David R. Legates (Center for Climate Research, University of Deleware), created a new version of this dataset (version 2.01) in November ...

37. Global Ocean Heat Flux and Wind Stress, climatology, OSU/CRI, by Esbensen et al. [NCAR_DS209.0]
Based on 1850-1974 data.

38. Global Ocean Precipitation Frequency and Characteristics, by Petty [NCAR_DS541.2]
Grant Petty used the present-weather code values from COADS shipboard reports (1958-1991) to evaluate the frequencies and characteristics of global oceanic precipitation.

39. Global Ocean Surface Currents, seasonal climatology, by Noo [NCAR_DS280.0]
Derived from pilot charts from Noo, of the US Naval Oceanographic Office. Based on data from 1901-1978.

40. Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas (GOSTA), and Land Surface Atlas [NCAR_DS289.1]
GOSTAplus (Atlas 8) and the Blended Land Surface and SST Atlas were taked from the GOSTAplus CD-ROM received at NCAR February 1998. The period of record for these grids is ...

41. Global Ocean Wind Stress, climatology and monthly, by Trenberth et al. [NCAR_DS110.1]
The ECMWF analyses for 1980-1989 were used to derive a global year-month wind stress climatology. Several climate monthly mean grids were also formed. Wind component grids are also available as ...

42. Global Oceanographic Data Set Atlas, climatologies, by Samuels and Cox GFDL [NCAR_DS279.0]
Samuel and Cox (GFDL) took 15 commonly used data sets for ocean models and put them on a uniform 1x1 degree grid. Original data sources include Levitus, Hellerman, Esbensen ...

43. Global Sea Ice and SST (GISST) Analyses, from the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research [NCAR_DS277.2]
NOTE: The GISST time series will be discontinued on February 2003. HadISST [], also from the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, is a superior ...

44. Global and North Atlantic Atlas of Monthly Ocean Waves, by Gulev et al. [NCAR_DS541.3]
Monthly 2-degree by 2-degree and 5-degree by 5-degree wave statistics were computed for 1958-1997 (Global Waves) and 1964-1993 (North Atlantic Waves) respectively from COADS ...

45. Global heat budget atlas, climatology and monthly, by Oberhuber [NCAR_DS541.0]
Monthly global grids of data, derived fluxes, and anomalies were prepared from the COADS data.

46. Global temperature and salinity climatology, by Bauer and Robinson. [NCAR_DS278.0]
Historical data archives from NUC and NODC were combined to form monthly and annual grid of subsurface ocean temperature and salinity.

47. Hansen's NODC EPOCS Drifting Buoy Observations [NCAR_DS255.0]
SST and buoy position every six hours

48. ICOADS Input Data Sources [NCAR_DS539.5]
This dataset is comprised of various input datasets used to develop ICOADS. Some files are in original native format and other are in the ICOADS binary formats. Note, these ...

49. Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission Ship Observations [NCAR_DS547.0]
Ocean surface observations taken from tuna fishing vessels

50. JPL GEOSAT Sea Level Height Analyses [NCAR_DS727.1]
Early version of GEOSAT altimeter data.

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