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1. Earth Science Data Interface [EarthScienceDataInterface]
The Earth Science Data Interface (ESDI) is the Global Land Cover Facility's (GLCF) web application for searching, browsing, and downloading data from their online holdings.

2. Desert Landscaping, Plants for a Water-Scare Environment, A Multimedia CD-ROM [01-Desert_Landscape-CD-00]
(Summary adapted from the Desert Landscaping web site) Desert Landscaping : Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment is a multimedia CD-ROM plant selector covering over 600 low water-use plants. Search ...

3. Botany through Web 2.0, the Memex and Social Learning [Bot_2.0]
The NSF-funded Bot 2.0 project is an innovative technological approach to retaining student interest in the biological and botanical sciences and addresses the lack of diversity in the student population ...

4. The EElink GreenCOM Resource Library of Environmental Education Information and Supplies [01-ee_link-00]
EE-Link ~ Environmental Education on the Internet, a resource designed to support students, teachers and professionals that support K-12 environmental education. Browse and search this site for a ...

5. Spatial Decision Support Knowledge Portal [INSTITUTE_REDLANDS_SDS]
The SDS Knowledge Portal is developed to help people involved in a spatial decision process (decision makers, practitioners, researchers) gain a holistic view of the spatial decision process and better ...

6. Echo the Bat; An Interactive Educational Resource in Remote Sensing [01-Echo_The_Bat-99]
(Summary adapted from the Echo-the-bat web site) The ADVENTURE OF ECHO THE BAT is an interactive adventure which brings together content relating to Biodiversity, Ecology, Remote Sensing, and the ...

7. Ecological PDA [EcoPDA]
The TEAM Network is developing mobile technology with smart phones and PDAs (EcoPDAs) that can be used to gather scientific data in the field. These devices will greatly facilitate data collection ...

8. Measuring Vegetation Health: Using Light to Look at Our World [MVH]
Through NASA funding, seven collaborating institutions are developing hands-on activities for students and the general public to use flexibly in order to learn how to monitor vegetation health in ...

9. Glacier - An Informational Resource Site for Antarctica [01-Glacier-Antarc-99]
(Summary adapted from the Glacier web site) The GLACIER Web Site introduces users to the Antarctic and the scientists who are investigating it. Through this site, many concepts of earth science, ...

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