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1. Dissolved Pesticide and Organic Carbon Concentrations Detected in Surface Waters, Northern Central Valley, California, 2001-2002 [USGS_OFR_2004_1214]
Field and laboratory studies were conducted to determine the effects of pesticide mixtures on Chinook salmon under various environmental conditions in surface waters of the northern Central Valley ...

2. Antarctic nonmarine aquatic ecosystems as global change sensors [CNDA-ES_LIMNOPOLAR_META_BAS017]
In English: This project is aimed to achieve a higher knowledge of the limnetic systems in Polar latitudes. Particularly, it promotes the accurate description the Byers Peninsula (Livingston Island), ...

3. Big Cypress National Preserve Fish Inventory and Monitoring Data [USGS_SOFIA_bicy_fish_inventory]
The Big Cypress national Preserve Fish Inventory database contains records of the inventory of freshwater fishes of the Big Cypress National Preserve (BICY) conducted by the National Audubon Society's ...

4. Hurricane Katrina's Flood Waters Test Results in New Orleans [EPA_KATRINA_CHEM_TEST]
EPA in coordination with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality performed chemical sampling of New Orleans flood waters for over one hundred priority pollutants such as volatile ...

5. Watershed Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results [EPA_WATERS]
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in partnership with states, territories and tribes, is improving communication with the regulated community and the public about the quality of the Nation?s ...

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